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The Yellow Umbrella Project


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This is an art project to involve everyone in the community Ė artist or not Ė to inspire creativity and have an afternoon of fun.

A photo documentation.

Imagine!                     On May 15th, 2004, at 2 pm.

People all over Newport leave their home / neighborhood on foot and walk toward Nye Beach carrying a yellow umbrella.

First individuals, forming trickles as others join creating streams of yellow umbrellas as they move closer towards the center of Nye Beach where they gather as a sea of yellow.

The whole process from trickle to gathering will be photo documented and put together as an art exhibition.

The idea is that everyone is having fun creating their own umbrella, big ones, small ones, long, short, round, square, group umbrellas, elaborate or simple. Use all kinds of materials from your garage.

It is easy to make, you donít have to be an artist or craftsman.

Everybody is invited!

For those who donít feel confident we will have all kinds of workshops to give you some inspiration and to demonstrate just how easy it is to make a yellow umbrella.

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